Here! Here!

I have been saying these same things for years!

Here in Northern Canada we're under 4 feet of snow and nothing is growing. So there will be no bouquets of anything for my partner. But she loves sunflowers, so I usually give her an I.O.U and plant sunflowers for her in the summer.

Hallmark is not a fan of my idea. Oh well, they have enough money.

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Brilliant expose. Love it!

Here in Oz of course, being summer you can walk along a street and see roses in every garden and yet, lovers still purchase scentless bouquets of roses from florists.

I love the idea of foraging for flowers and foliage or giving bare-rooted bushes. Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's Day are just plots to extend consumerism, surely.

Give me nature in the raw, any day. I'd be just as happy with a wreath made of prunings. And I'll make my hubbie a choccie cake.

Cheers, Dan.

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Thank you so much for this! Finally I can put a sound argument to my distaste for "roses for valentine's just because that's what everyone does..."

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I never made it a habit to give or hide my indifference to roses for Valentine’s Day. It’s a commercial holiday with shitty candy and (in my opinion) generally insincere shows of affection. Also, are roses really what people want or are they happy they were in someone’s thoughts? There are so many other gifts to get at any time of the year and we choose this.

As a plant mom, all my splurging is yet to come so no need to waste time or money. A bird of paradise is way more grand of a gesture anyway.

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The usual wit, sweetness and interest. Happy Valentine!

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