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Winning is overrated...

The Road to Chelsea: Part One

New beginnings: part 2

New beginnings

Hey, gardener, leave those leaves alone!

Some exciting news! Plus my Top 5 unusual bulbs to buy right now

How non-binary thinking could save the planet

Know your onions: my Top Five alliums to buy right now

Right on Kew: the gardens where botany and beauty collide

My Top Five tulips to buy right now

Down the rabbit hole, into a world of pure imagination

My Top Five daffodils to buy right now

When did soil become a dirty word?

Gold! Always believe in your community gardening project...

Could your lawn save the planet?

Unplanned plants and pleasant surprises

The Q&A: Ben Cross, the cut flower grower single-handedly taking on Big Flora

Gardening with passion (flower)

The Queen and I

Plant giveaway! Plus: summer rain

Plants can change your life: a panel discussion

Making chilli jam: the condiment of kings

Killing with kindness

Some news, a dystopian fairytale garden, and some more news

From a room with a view

The Q&A: Rebecca Desnos, the forager and grower driving the trend for natural dyes

On Legacy: a visit to London’s decade-old Olympic Park

How gardening tamed a lifelong fear of spiders

How bombweed invaded my brain

A postcard from hell

A world first: The Earthworm podcast is here!

The Q&A: Mark Diacono, the plot-to-plate champion of unusual edibles and forgotten foods

If you can’t stand the heat… get out of the garden

The colour purple, lots of lovely links, and one big thank you

A fresh take on house plants

Invasive, moi?

An apology, going guerrilla, and more!

Essential reading: an unputdownable cultural history of weeds

How I became a messy gardener (and why you should too)

Gardeners’ World Live: the highlights

A tale of two trees

The Q&A: Michael Marriott, the planet’s foremost authority on roses

The joy of other people’s gardens

No More No Mow May

9 lessons from this year’s Chelsea Flower Show

A growing masterclass from Chelsea’s finest

Chelsea Flower Show special: Day 3

Meet the Chelsea debutants putting it all on the line

Chelsea Flower Show special: Day 1

An update from my garden

The best plant ID apps: tested

The Q&A: Tim Richardson, the maverick mind behind the Chelsea Fringe

My easy peasy pallet planter project. Plus: lots of links, lots of aphids, and a new community feature

The living hell of gardening with hay fever

No Mow May – how to help wildlife by doing nothing at all

The most important quality a gardener can possess

Re-hanging baskets, Radicle thinking, and introducing my new apprentice

The Q&A: Matt Chlebek, vertical farmer and space-age grower

In defence of ivy

The power of fresh perspective

How not to sow your seeds, an amazing plant ID app, and a fruitful transatlantic exchange

The Q&A: Tom Howard, crown prince of all things wordy at the RHS

Stumpy tulips, super-powered plant food, and lots of links

Chelsea's marvellous medicine

In pictures: one city, three gardens

Photos from a foreign land

The madness of a well-kept lawn, and the remarkable power of worms

The Q&A: Susan Beech, paper flowers as fine art

An update from my garden

When is a pest not a pest?

Charity shop treasures: the best gardening gems I’ve picked up this year

The Q&A: Clare Joy, organic grower and saviour of soil

Essential reading: Charlotte Mendelson's funny and relatable ode to growing your own

My very major beef with David Attenborough’s Green Planet

The seed buying begins! Here’s what I bought, and why

The Q&A: Jo Thompson, queen of garden design

5 gardening mistakes I vow never to make again

Why every gardener needs to watch Disney's Encanto

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